Pregnancy Massage

* Consent from your midwife or GP may be required prior to your treatment if there have been any complications during your pregnancy.

Pregnancy treatments are only carried after the first trimester, and on the provision that there are no contraindications present.

Pure Therapy offers a range of nurturing treatments adapted to each stage of pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy the baby is aware of the environment outside of the womb and the emotional state of the mother and massage will allow this time to be as harmonious as possible for mother and baby.

Nourishing biodynamic oils of neroli, mandarin and rose damascena are used alongside the Elemental Herbology tree of life balm to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Mother to Be Ultimate Relaxation*        75 minutes       £85
A specially adapted full body massage which is carried out lying on your side and then in an elevated seated position with plenty of cushioned support. This relaxing treatment includes a mini Elemental Herbology facial and relaxing head massage with or without oil. 

Mother to Be Back Massage*                  45 minutes       £59
A relaxing massage for the back neck and shoulders to help reduce muscular tension and joint discomfort associated with pregnancy and everyday life. A blissful head massage is optional if required to further ease tension and anxiety.

Reflexology*                                            55 minutes       £64
Reflexology treatments during pregnancy are a natural and gentle way of relieving stress and anxiety and can help prepare your body for childbirth. Reflexology is only available after the first trimester unless you are a regular client at Pure Therapy for reflexology. The treatment is specially adapted for pregnancy avoiding certain reflex points on the feet and carried out in a elevated and supported sitting position with plenty of cushioning.

Massage can help to relieve many minor ailments experienced during pregnancy:

Poor circulation
Muscular tension 
Restless legs
Water retention
Poor sleep
Low energy levels
Stress and anxiety
Dry skin & stretch marks 


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